Wannabe Heminway Beard
(still working on the intense stare)

I make stuff by making stuff up. I write young-adult and adult novels, edit themed anthologies, and teach college classes–all while juggling flaming chainsaws.

Did I mention I make stuff up for a living?

I’ve been a radio DJ, movie extra, screenwriter, software developer, and instructional designer. I studied English, Education, and Instructional Systems Technology at Ball State and Indiana University.  I’m interested in just about everything but idle time.

My work has been nominated for Bram Stoker and Black Quill Awards. Both prestigious institutions proved themselves to be excellent judges of character by not giving me an award. Let that serve as a lesson to the Nebulas and Hugos. Slum with me and the other awards will make fun of you.


Well rested (pre-kid)
afternoon in Paris

When I’m not killing forests just to see my name on the side of a worn paperback, I’m geeking out to a steady diet of books, movies, and games. This website is a cluttered storage shed for my published work, pet projects, and random interests.

If you’ve made it this far, you might just enjoy this site. And my writing. Especially my writing.